Công tắc hành trình 3SE51120CE01

Công tắc hành trình 3SE51120CE01 Siemens 3SE21000E Siemens 3SE21001B Siemens 3SE21001C Siemens 3SE21001D Siemens 3SE21001DV000AH3 Siemens 3SE21001E Siemens 3SE21001EV000AA3 Siemens 3SE21001EV000AE0 Siemens 3SE21001G Siemens 3SE21001GW Siemens 3SE21001R Siemens 3SE21001T Siemens 3SE21200D Siemens 3SE21200E Siemens 3SE21200GW Siemens 3SE21200U Siemens 3SE21201B Siemens 3SE21201C Siemens 3SE21201D Siemens 3SE21201DV000AE0 Siemens 3SE21201E Siemens 3SE21201F Siemens 3SE21201G Siemens 3SE21201GW Siemens 3SE21201GW000AA3 […]

Aptomat 3RV1011-1BA15

Aptomat 3RV1011-1BA15 Aptomat 3RV1011-1BA20 Aptomat 3RV1011-1BA25 Aptomat 3RV1011-1CA10 Aptomat 3RV1011-1CA15 Aptomat 3RV1011-1CA20 Aptomat 3RV1011-1CA25 Aptomat 3RV1011-1DA10 Aptomat 3RV1011-1DA15

Đại lý aptomat Siemens

Đại lý aptomat Siemens Aptomat 3RV1011-0AA10 Aptomat 3RV1011-0AA15 Aptomat 3RV1011-0AA20 Aptomat 3RV1011-0AA25 Aptomat 3RV1011-0BA10 Aptomat 3RV1011-0BA15 Aptomat 3RV1011-0BA20 Aptomat 3RV1011-0BA25 Aptomat 3RV1011-0CA10

Đại lý cầu chì Siemens

Đại lý cầu chì Siemens 3NH3030-2C SIEMENS 160A660V 3NE1436-0 SIEMENS 690v/630A 3NA3817-2C SIEMENS 3NW7131 1 SIEMENS 14*5150A 3P 3NE1435-2 SIEMENS 690v/560A 3NA3814-2C SIEMENS 3NW61121 3 SIEMENS 14*5132A 3NE1435-0 SIEMENS 690v/560A 3NA3812-2C SIEMENS 3NW60051 3 SIEMENS 10*3816A 3NE1334-2 SIEMENS 690v/500A 3NA3810-2C SIEMENS 3NW60041 3 SIEMENS 10*384A 3NE1334-0 SIEMENS 690v/500A 3NA3807-2C SIEMENS 3NW60031 2 SIEMENS 10*3810A 3NE1333-2 […]

Đại lý module Siemens

Đại lý module Siemens Siemens 6GK7 342-5DA02-0XE0 Siemens 6ES7 231-7PF22-0XA0 Siemens 6ES7 231-7PC22-0XA0 Siemens 6ES7 232-0HD22-0XA0 Siemens 6ES7153-2AA02-0XB0 Siemens 6ES7 360-3AA01-0AA0 Siemens 6GK7443-1EX11-0XE0 Siemens 6GK7443-1EX20-0XE0 Siemens 6ES7314-6CG03-0AB0 Siemens 6ES7334-0KE00-0AB0 Siemens 6ES7331-7SF00-0AB0 Siemens 6ES7 360-3AA01-0AA0 Siemens 6ES7365-OBA01-OAAO Siemens 6ES7314-2AG14-0AB0 Siemens 6ES7 153-2BA02-0XA1 Siemens 6ES7151-1AA05-0AB0 Siemens 6ES7334-0KE00-0AB0 Siemens 6ES7340-1AH02-0AB0 Siemens 6GK7 343-1EX21-0XE0 Siemens 6GK7-342-5DA02-0XE0 Siemens 6ES7407-0KA02-0AA0 Siemens […]

Biến tần 6SE6440-2UD22-2BA1

Biến tần 6SE6440-2UD22-2BA1 Thông số kỹ thuật 6SE6440-2UD22-2BA1 Product Article Number (Market Facing Number) 6SE6440-2UD22-2BA1 Product Description MICROMASTER 440 WITHOUT FILTER 3AC 380-480 V +10/-10% 47-63 HZ CONSTANT TORQUE POWER 2.2 KW OVERLOAD 150% 60 S, 200% 3 S SQUARED TORQUE POWER 2.2 KW 202 X 149 X 172 (H X W X D) PROTECTION […]

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Đại lý biến tần MICROMASTER 440

Đại lý biến tần MICROMASTER 440 MICROMASTER 440/420 ) 1 6SE6440-2UC17-5AA1 0.75KW 3.9A AC220V 2 6SE6440-2UC21-5BA1 1.5KW 7.4A AC220V 3 6SE6440-2UC22-2BA1 2.2KW 10.4A AC220V 4 6SE6420-2UC17-5AA1 0.75KW 3.9A AC220V 5 6SE6420-2UC21-5BA1 1.5KW 7.4A AC220V 6 6SE6420-2UC22-2BA1 2.2KW 10.4A AC220V ICROMASTER 440 1 6SE6440-2UD13-7AA1 0.37KW 1.3A AC380V 2 6SE6440-2UD15-5AA1 0.55KW 1.7A AC380V 3 6SE6440-2UD17-5AA1 0.75KW 2.2A […]

Aptomat 3RV1021-0AA10

Aptomat 3RV1021-0AA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0AA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0BA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0BA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0CA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0CA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0DA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0DA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0EA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0EA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0FA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0FA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0GA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0GA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0HA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0HA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0JA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0JA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-0KA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-0KA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-1AA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-1AA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-1BA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-1BA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-1CA10 Aptomat 3RV1021-1CA15 Aptomat 3RV1021-1DA10 Aptomat […]